A lot of times, people think gift wrapping is really not that important, and what really counts is the
gift on the inside. The season of giving is here, and we want to let you know that what is worth doing
at all is worth doing well. This is why we are bringing to you ‘12 gift wrapping tips for beginners’.
We have done this quite a number of times in the past, hence, we know what we are doing. So trust
us when we say gift giving goes beyond just the actual gift. The look in the eyes of your loved ones
when you hand them a gift is second to none. You know what intensifies their reaction? – A
beautifully wrapped gift item!
This shows that you value your relationship enough to care about even the seemingly little details.
Even though they end up ripping the wrapping paper into shreds in the end, the anticipation of what
is in it, based off how well wrapped the gift is, is a beauty to behold.
Though gift wrapping might be a bit tedious, especially as you are starting out newly, you should aim
for perfection. Here are tips for wrapping gifts like a pro:


gift wrapping

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1. Stretch before and during the gift wrapping exercise as there will be a lot of movement. Also
, ensure you maintain a good body posture

2. Work outdoors or in a well-lit room to ensure that you see properly. Straining your eyes will
lead to mistakes or injuries.
3. Take as many breaks as you need. Perfection takes time and the body shouldn’t be
overworked. Take a walk or grab a drink somewhere in the middle of wrapping all the
4. Get as creative as you possibly can. A little out of the ordinary never hurt anyone. Think
outside of the box!
5. Use double-sided tapes for wrapping. This is a lot neater than the single sided ones and
ensures for proper tucking of flaps.
6. Save the scraps of wrapping papers to use as bows, pockets or toppers on the boxes, for an
extra touch of awesomeness.
7. Ensure that all folds at the edges and corners are sharp and crisp. This ensures an overall
well put together look and feel.
8. Purchase multiple colors and patterns of wrapping paper. Mix and match them for an even
greater result.
9. Delegate some of the simpler things to the kids, friends, and family so as to quicken the
10. Be careful with cutting instruments such as scissors and keep them away from the kids.
11. Be sure to include your name and the name of the recipient on the box. This can be done by
adding a handmade name tag to the wrapped gift item.
12. Gifts with odd shapes can be placed in boxes and the boxes can be wrapped instead of the
actual gift. This will be a neater alternative.
13. Do not forget to place a protective cover on fragile items before placing them in boxes.
Especially if you are going to have the gifts delivered to the recipient.
We are certain you can do a good job! All in all, have an amazing holiday season! Love, WaraGifts.

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