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The road to success is never a straight one. If it were so, I would have gone and come back a thousand times. But let us leave motivational talk for another day. The other day we started a conversation about the kind of gifts that get us emotional. If you haven’t read it, check here (link to part 1).
We would round off our discussion in this post.
Now that you have decided to “package” the gift, I beseech you to go ALL out. Wrapping paper, nylon bag and gift box are different things. There is an energy that each one carries that says a lot more than the other. Imaging you wrapped a perfume in a fancy wrapping paper, you put that same perfume in nylon, or you bought a small gift bag/box and put the perfume in it. These three things are holding the same item, but they have their different ways of exaggerating or belittling the gift.
After weeks of planning and secret agent duties, it is time to present the gift and that one or two minute exercise can be all the icing on the cake that you need. How do you deliver this gift you have so creatively packaged?
If it’s a cake (waracake link on cake), who does the delivery? When does it get to the person?
If it’s a dinner date, a spa appointment, a workplace delivery of carefully packaged gifts (insert link to waragift on gifts) how do you convince the receiver to be at the place at the right time?

At the end of the day, every tiny detail is important to making the gift an emotional and long lasting one in all our memories. I hope you take all the advice in these two posts and upturn your valentine season or any other gift sharing season.
I hope you find this information useful. Feel free to share your opinions and comments.
Enjoy the Lovey Season

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