Dele is a die-hard Arsenal fan whose passion for the team cuts deeper than the days of matches or premier league championships.

He basically lives and breathes Gunners!

Friends, family, and chicks all know that the way to this man’s heart is definitely not through his stomach, (except his mum’s super delicious party Jollof) but rather an act of kindness done in favour of his team or a gift that symbolizes Arsenal; be a jersey, free front-row ticket, trainers, a muffler.

Anything that screams GUNNERS!

Whilst growing up, every year, on his birthday, Dele would imagine himself playing with his favorite team, sometimes coaching them, other times, just sitting in the front row and cheering them on.

20 years later, Dele is a successful Investment Broker whose record is known across all the investment companies and amongst the ladies. He is super passionate about investment and a lot of his friends can attest to the fact that you can’t last 10 minutes in a conversation with Dele if you know nothing about investment or topics related to the field.

He lives and breathes investments, no wonder he has unflinchingly bagged the Award for Most Outstanding Investment Broker in Africa 3 consecutive years in a row. He loves reading books or attending conferences that are in line with this passion.

He is kind-hearted and without reserve, he often uses his 7-figure salary to help the less privileged in his environment, as an active member of several social charity foundations and community development projects.

A typical Saturday for him would be spent relaxing with the children at the Little Saints Orphanage, or at a meeting or lunch that starts and ends with Investment or an Owambe that he cannot miss.

Among his Yoruba Demons, he is the only angel that is not hooked or in a fling. He is waiting on the right lady, or so he says. He is a beautiful young man, if there was anything like that. To the ladies, Dele is picture perfect and ladies drool over themselves to be assigned a project together with him, because, not only is he good looking, he is the best at what he does.

Dele’s big 30 is slowly approaching and a few of his friends and colleagues decide to throw him a birthday party. Due to his detective and inquisitive nature, planning was more hectic than they imagined. He kept asking questions about the sudden distance and coded words that he didn’t understand.  He even made an attempt to ask the ladies in his office if the MD said anything about him that he didn’t know.

After planning, everyone was left on his own to find Dele the perfect gift. What would make this seemingly -I-have-it-all-figured-out man to even shed a tear or at least smile genuinely from his heart in appreciation.

His birthday was only 3 days away, so was the UEFA champions league, and the Annual interstate Investment Brokers summit that held just once in a year.

Tundun, the beautiful lady whose heart has been sold out to Dele since the first-time they met at the lobby on the day of their interview, wanted to go all out for him and she thought to register him for the summit; which by the way, cost a lot of money.

Tife, Dele’s high-school and University best friend knew that there was only one thing that got him super excited and could make him act like a child again – Football – Arsenal. She decided to get him an all-expense paid trip to the for the Match that would take place between West Ham and Arsenal. This, in all fairness, also cost a fortune.

Dele’s squad were already spent with planning for the big bash and didn’t want to get individual gifts anymore, so they helped in contributing to both Tundun and Tife’s perfect gift for Dele.

Which of the two gifts do you think Dele would have appreciated the most and why?


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